RESOURCE: http://www.underthesamesky.net/pics/es-society-art.pdf

TOPIC: Society’s Influence in Art 

The topic explores the society’s impact and how things easily are influenced. It explores the significance of our actions.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: To what extent is art influenced by society? #tokart

a. What is the real life situation under consideration?

Art is found all over the world illustrating beautiful landscapes, historical events, opinions, people, buildings, etc. It is also used as a form of propaganda (for political reasons,) or even as a form of advertisement since it can be eye-catching!

b. What is the TOK knowledge issue(s) (questions) that will be the focus of your presentation? How is our reality issue(s)/questions during your presentation. Provide approximate TIME and be specific about TOOLS, EXAMPLES and WHO is doing what. 

  • To what extent is society’s customs during a time period evident in an artwork?
  • To what extent is society’s greedy desires evident in art (perhaps think about art as a form of propaganda?)
  • To what extent is man-made creations considered a work of art?

The 10 minute presentation will be done by myself so I do not need to depend on another group member. I will most likely work on most of my presentation on my weekends and possibly during my free periods. Because I used iMovie for a bunch of other projects, including some TOK projects, I am familiarized with the program, which is another reason on why I decided to create an iMovie film!

c. How will you identify the knowledge issue(s)?

I will identify the knowledge issue by researching the topic in depth in order to gain a better understanding of what my topic is, and to determine whether or not my topic’s subtopics contain any controversial issues or relations to controversial issues. Perhaps a knowledge issue for my topic is whether or not society influences art in a positive way.

d. How will you show your personal perspective?

I plan on showing my personal perspective by asking myself whether or not society influences art or if it is art that influences society, and also by saving a part of my presentation to exert my opinion (along with others.) Perhaps this would be interesting to talk about in my presentation.

e. How will you make connections to other Ways of Knowing or Areas of Knowledge?

I will make connections to other areas of knowledge by thinking about how I use my senses and how there are many psychological issues related to my topic that can be discussed in my film. For instance, I can discuss the different ways a work of art can be perceived and how that affects my conclusion.

f. How will you examine the knowledge claims and possible counterclaims (i.e different perspectives)? Tip: ask yourself, what would someone who disagrees with the claim say, and what reasons would he give? What about someone from a different culture, age group, religion, class, educational background? 

I plan to examine the knowledge claims by searching on twitter, tumblr, etc., basically the social media via technology, in order to see what other people across the world, perhaps of different age and culture, thinks about the topic (or what people thinks about something that is similar to my topic.) Also, I can ask my classmates what they think about my topic if I need a teenager, who has a good educational background, to exert his or her  opinion. It would be interesting to get male and female participants.

g. How will you examine the implications of knowledge?

I intend to examine the implications of knowledge by analyzing the different perspectives and using reasoning to make a few statements.

h. If there is bias, how will you examine that? 

There will be no biased ideas. I am planning on explaining the different perspectives of my topic. Though I may be including my opinion on the topic, I plan to not push my opinion onto the viewer.


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