What I would grab if my house was burning down:


I would of course take my dog first because she is irreplaceable, living and like a family member to me. Maybe I would take one of her squeaky toys if I have enough time to scramble around my room. 

I would probably make an emotional decision and take her small best in show trophy. Winning best in show twice in one dog show weekend is rare, especially for a female pomeranian. I am lucky that she won three best in shows total.  

The backpack is to hold random things that I am able to gather before the fire destroys everything. Perhaps I would take some clothes, like my favorite beanie. The good thing is that my closet is right next to a door that leads outside. I might take my art book since it holds A LOT of hard work in it. The art book of more than 200 pages is also close to completion. 

Taking my laptop would be a rationale decision. Macs are quite expensive and this laptop contains a bunch of important files. I also absolutely love Apple! Right next to taking my laptop would be taking my phone. I feel that most people would take their phones since it is a small device that holds a lot of information, and is a fun gadget to have. There are a bunch of photos and memories on my phone that would be hard to replace. 



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