TOK Presentation Planning Document

Member: Ashley

Estimated Timing of Pres 10 minutes



Topic (why is it significant?): It explores the significance of titles, its influence on how humans perceive things and humans opinion towards the subject.

Essential Question:

To what extent does titles influence our sensory perception?


1.     What is the real life situation under consideration?

  • Our everyday life deals with naming things and things being named.
  • The influence of titles on aesthetic experiences. e.g. art, movies
  • In depth: To what extent does a name influence personality?

2.     What is the TOK knowledge issue(s) (questions) that will be the focus of your presentation?

  • How is our opinion on a subject shaped by titles?
  • How is our opinion on a person shaped by their name?
  • To what extent would our ideas and opinions be expanded if titles did not exist? e.g. Would there be more controversies in the world?
  • To what extent can a title create controversies?
  • How do people working in businesses and companies manipulate titles of products to encourage people to buy their products?

3.     Write a summary in note form (like a bulleted list) of the way you plan to deal with the knowledge issue(s)/questions during your presentation. Provide approximate TIME and be specific about TOOLS, EXAMPLES and WHO is doing what. Think about the criteria:

To Do:

  • Start with gathering resources by researching more articles that relates to my topic.
  • The prezi and/or youtube video will be prepared in order for the presenation.
  • Ensure that all of the questions and information is added in the correct order.


  • A prezi and/or a youtube video will be made to present the information that gives ideas to expand on the topic.
  • The knowledge issues will be answered by various opinions.

a.     How will you identify the knowledge issue(s)?

  • Create a survey and have peers, friends, adults and outsiders answer the survey.
  • Research online if there have been any controversies involving the topic.

b.     How will you show your personal perspective?

  • Ask myself similar questions.
  • Dedicate a portion of the presentation to sharing my opinions.

c.     How will you make connections to other Ways of Knowing or Areas of Knowledge?

  • Discuss with others about the chosen topic
  • Research the other ways of knowing and make connections.

d.     How will you examine the knowledge claims and possible counterclaims (i.e different perspectives)? Tip: ask yourself, what would someone who disagrees with the claim say, and what reasons would he give? What about someone from a different culture, age group, religion, class, educational background?

  • Example multiple claims for different perspectives
  • Research any articles or accounts of people who have disagreed with a claim(s)
  • Research if there were any controversies that relates to the chosen topic.

e.     How will you examine the implications of knowledge?

  • People who use their knowledge in a strategic way to benefit oneself.

f.      If there is bias, how will you examine that? What about assumptions and presuppositions?

  • There will be no bias ideas.
  • Only opinions of what the world says will be explained.
  • Different views will be explained.

Type of Presentation:



Items Needed:



-*possibly*hand outs


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