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There are many different languages presented to people around the world: English, Image

The way words sound can give a negative or positive connotation. Like the example, “Moist” that is considered a word that most people despise.

 In a survey of 75 Mississippi State University students from 2009, the students placed the word “moist” as the second most ugliest word they could think of that is in the English language. The chosen word that won first place for being the ugliest was “vomit.” Thinking about what the definition of vomit is, it is basically puke or matter ejected from the stomach through the mouth.

This makes me question whether the word “vomit” actually sounds ugly or if the students who voted the word as the ugliest are being biased.

Are people automatically biased or are we capable of being non-biased?

Students who voted possibly chose “vomit” as the ugliest word due to the fact that the act of “vomitting” is gross and is considered a negative connotation.



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