Q1: Red is the taste of wine.

Q2: The sound of black is the eerie noises at night.

Q3: Most delicious is pink because it is the taste of sweetness.

Q4: Blue reminds me of the sweet smell of vanilla.

Q6: I smell white when its time to sleep.

Q7: The scent of grey is the wind passing by.

Q8: I touch blue when the chilly wind comes in contact.


This is interesting as it shows the meaning of each letter as an individual. Each individual letter holds their own color that represents it. Although there are some letters that have similar colors, perhaps another person would think a certain letter looks and sounsd like pink while another might not be green. It’s all due to perspective.

Do we all see the same color that represents each month? This is interesting, because I sometimes wonder if we just agree that August is a blue color, and we remember this for a long time that it sticks to our mind and we automatically just make August to be blue. Perhaps, August is green. Here is another debatle question on what month is what color. Should we just give each month a color? What makes a person synethesia if it’s all due to perspective. I think that we are all secretly synesthesia, and some are just more confident with their idea that August is blue or July is green and this is what makes them to be synesthesia. Sometimes we agree with the same thing without actually thinking about it closely, and this makes me wonder what is true and what is not. Should we trust and automatically believe a common belief like the letter A is baby blue. We tend to sense the wind is grey or light blue since its invisible and can make both a loud or soft sound. The wind would not be some color like green, because there is no connection that makes it the bold color green to me. The wind is not visible, so it should be a light color in my opinion, which could differ to others.


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