1. What is the overall theme – color or synesthesia? (If synesthesia, what senses are you addressing?)

My overall theme will be the color black and white. I may use some color, but it should not effect my project, because I’m testing how music triggers my moods and are shown in artwork.

2. What Ways of Knowing are you addressing besides Sense Perception? (Reasoning? Emotion? Language?)

I will be addressing my knowledge through emotion and some reasoning behind my sense of perception. I will be listening to music while working on my art work to see how the types of music places an effect on my moods that will affect my art work.

3. To what Areas of Knowledge does your project relate? (Arts, Psychology/Human Sciences, Maths, Natural Sciences, Ethics, History?)

My project relates to both english and art.  With english, I will be relating my project to english class through the theme of existentialism. Existentialism will be behind the art – portrait of the African child that I will be creating. And, with art, this is a combined project that I will receive two grades from: TOK and art.

4. What is it exactly, you plan to do and/or investigate?

I plan to investigate how I could created a piece of art using the term “existentialism”, which is a philosophy in which isolation in a indifferent universe is emphasized.

5. What is your driving question? (should be open-ended, perhaps starting with “How do we know” or “To what extent”)

  • To what extent can one survive being isolated from his/her surroundings?
  • How do we know that music really affects our moods?
  • Can our moods hold an effect our creations, like in art?

6. How is your project inherently about knowledge/knowing?

My project is about knowledge because it involves life and its environment in which one lives in in order to see how different environments in the world effects us as a whole.

7. What materials will you need?

  • Newspaper
  • Paint
  • Posca Pens

8. Who could assist you / mentor you on this project?

Mrs. Manso can help assist me on this project as she is my art teacher. Also, Mrs. Tam can help me if she is on campus.

9. How will you present the project to the class?

I will present the project to the class by video clips and images rendered into a complete video by IMovie. So far I have took a video clip and am hoping to cut down the length of time by speeding it up.

10. Projects are due the Cycle of March 1 – how do you plan to manage the time for this task?

Well in art, students are sometimes able to take time to do their projects. So, I can work on some of it in art class. Otherwise, I can work on the project throughout the week when I have time to do so.


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