1. Write a reflection about the issues addressed in the articles and videos we watched. Include questions about knowledge itself and how our sense of sight both hinders and helps our pursuit of knowledge.

I do not think that our sense of sight is the only sense that both hinders and helps our pursuit of knowledge. But, I also think that the sense of hearing does. It is interesting that in this video that it shows how we can deceive ourselves. This video is about this man named Dan who creates two videos and has two groups of girls watch the videos, one of the videos sounds upbeat-enthusiastic and the other that sounds negative by the use of his tone of voice. By speaking positively, this gives Dan a positive characteristic and makes other attributes still make him look attractive. With the negative video, the group of girls that watched the negative video first felt their initial opinions change as they watched the positive video, except they felt that the positive video would not make up for the negative video. I wonder how long it would take for each individual to be seduced by the halo effect or what other factors are there in life that can give the same effect??? What happens if we our tone of voice did not exist? Because tone plays an important factor of how we perceive people, I wonder if it would change our perspective and by how much? Without the use of tone, we would have to judge a person by their facial expressions and actions. We first judge someone off of their appearance then we judge them by their personality. By judging a person by appearances this leads us to our first thought that comes to our minds → on whether we like the person or not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and this video investigates human nature (ex. if we ignore bad points about someone due to the good points that covers it up) with the use of the Halo Effect. Without tone, we would not even be able to tell if a person is being sarcastic or not.

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Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 5.52.08 PM

With sight, in Beau Lotto’s TED talk , he shows us that color plays an important role in our lives. Theoretically how we perceive color can be health- saving. For example, with plants and food. We would be able to distinguish and recognize the differences. Color helps the world to identify certain things. In the video, there is the bumble bee scene where bumble bees goes to a flower to get sugar water. Except, one bumble bee got fooled by the illusion and threw up. Color also helps to define things, and give everything a specialty. It also is nice to add color to art or like with the photography effect to just add color to point out a certain object or feature. In this article, it states that color increases memory and helps with brand-marketing. Color helps by attracting attention and is used for an aesthetic purpose, which helps for advertisement. “People cannot process every object within view at one time. Therefore, color can be used as a tool to emphasize or de-emphasize areas,” is mentioned in this article. Even the Apple company used color to attract buyers, as mentioned, Apple added color to revitalize their company.

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2. Make a remixed augmented video based on Ben Beaton’s video “The Key to Media’s Hidden Codes.” Use at least 10 augmentations of any sort to make your own video using Mozilla Popcorn maker.

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