Optical Illusion:

Spinning Vortex Illusion Pattern.


This image seems like it is a gif that holds an animated motion, but it is really just a image online that is artistically created by altering the size of the shapes and placing the oval-like shapes a certain position to create movement. A lot of artists tend to create movement by the use of elements of principles and design, which includes shape, color, line and proportion sizes.

Recording of what I heard for an hour:

  • Birds Chirping
  • Door opens and closes
  • Coffee maker running
  • Footsteps
  • Chair moving
  • Typing on keyboard
  • Whispering in class
  • Music playing softly
  • People talking outside of the room
  • Drawers open and close
  • “Bulldog bash”
  • Air condition running
  • Coughing
  • Writing with sharpies
  • Computer mouse clicking
  • Faucet being turned on
  • Pens and pencils are poured out of pencil case
  • Tapping pencil on desk

Hilary Lawson’s story about visual agnosia:

Click here for the article.

Visual agnosia “is the inability to recognize anything or distinguish perfectly ordinary objects.”  To be put into a world that is unknown to us, would we notice little details like the speaker on and off button for a laptop? Because we are used to putting on a laptop and working the laptop everyday, we do not take notice of all of the shapes, sizes and forms. Or with a symbol like the Louivitton symbol that sometimes are repeated several times on a phone case. We do not take notice of each symbol that is repetitedly made, but we just appreciate the design of being stylish.

With John, he is unable to attach meaning to details, so he would be able to see things as it is with the exact shape and form, in comparison to another human being who may alter the details due to their experiences and memories. It is interesting to view this comparison of John compared to another human, as the other human would look at things on how they know it is instead of what they see. John would be able to view all the details in life and depict it as it is, but not be able to hold it in his mind. So, he would be able to look at a vase and see the little crack marks it has and the shadows it creates due to the lighting.

Other then with sight, if humans were to wear a blindfold for a day, imagine how that would change and effect their life. This may open up our recognization and appreciation to all of our other senses like touch, smell and hearing if we eliminate sight.

3 “Theories of Reality”:

Common Sense Realism: “What you see is what you hear.”

Scientific Realism: “Atoms in the void.”

Phenomenalism: “To be is to be perceived.”

I sometimes wonder if what I personally see is just an illusion, but I think that I would most adhere to Scientific Realism. Even though atoms are too diminutive for the human eye to view, it does not block out the idea that they do not effect what we perceive. But, everyone has different opinions and all of our senses travels a certain amount of distance which can cause an effect. For instance, one person can smell a certain scent while another person cannot smell it. Perhaps with perfume, this is why everyone has a different taste that makes each individual unique. Sometimes I wonder if the world is what is really is, but our mind and opinions alter what the world is and how we visualize it. We all perceive atoms a certain way that is altered by how our senses perceive it, and somewhat our opinion. For example, if we are having a rough day and someone speaks jokingly, this may be interpretted as being cocky and in inappropriate resulting in making the person who is having the rough day upset. I feel like everyone interprets things differently, but the world is independant and makes our opinions sometimes similar like with obvious things –> ex. if it’s raining or not.

EXAMPLES of the way in which our BELIEFS, CULTURE, or MOOD affects the way we see things:

I gave some examples in the “Theories of Reality” section above, but here are more examples:

  • We visualize each race by their known qualities, like a haole is white or an asian has small eyes. So, we do not take the time to notice their different qualities that makes them unique.
  • The belief that blacks are good dancers is another, so we often automatically expect them to hold the ability to do so (even though a different race can be better, and it just depends on each individual.)
  • Sometimes humans believe that when we are sad, we should consume chocolate and chocolate would make us feel better. By doing so, we blind our thoughts and believe that the consumption of chocolate actually did make us feel better.
  • When having an upset stomach, it is a rumor that the consumption of ginger ale would make you feel better. Perhaps by believing in this rumor, we actually believe that we are better.

Patty Maes’ TED talk on technology and a “Sixth Sense”:

I enjoyed watching TED talk show. It was highly informative although I believe it can become a bit personal.  Todays technology is already a step ahead with the new and advanced smartphones, everything is just about at our fingertips. The new technolgy “Six Sense will give us information that we ask for and more. Some information given may not be what we want to or need to know which can eventually be scary.  It may be possible to detect personal information about an individual.

GESTALT logo:  Identify if it involves Similarity, Dissimilarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, or Figure and Ground.

coachEach alphabet in the Coach logo  is similar. The Logo is enclosed in a frame which tends to give a closure to the visual concept. Therefore, you only focus on the companys’ name which was intended for. The color shows dissimilation which makes the Logo  stand out.

9. CURATE an article or video regarding ANY of the senses and sense perception. Try to find at least 2 knowledge issues /questions and post all to blog (for example, here is an article discussing eye-tracking patterns for reading)



After reading the article I learned that men without a sense of smell had two relationship. Although interestingly enough, women were not as affected but there was a great deal of insecurity to the women that had no scent. Smell has always played an important role in triggering an arousal from way back when. In the film Pacinos’ Scent of a Woman, scent played an important part of this movies. It was about a certain perfume was able to describe a woman that played an important role.     



Whatever happened to love at first sight? Are we able to smell the individuals phermones from miles away?  If this was the case we all would not need to dress to impress others or is it for ourselves. I never realized that there are people who are not able to smell there own odor or breath. It comes to my mind that there sanitary conditions may be poor. 


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