“Well, diagnosis is really hard for humans. I actually think it’s going to turn out not to be so hard for computers. It’s a lot easier for them to know more, and to not get confused about probabilities, and so on.”


If this was to occur, how can we ensure that computers will not make any errors? Nothing is perfect, but how do we know if computers would be better suited in diagnosing humans? If humans are the ones creating the computers, wouldn’t humans be the one inserting all the information? If we accidently inserted a wrong piece of information into the computer, it could affect the lives of many other people.

Facebook Analytics:

It turns out that I have and interact with more female friends than male friends, which in real life, is actually true. And, I use the word or abbreviation “lol” the most. But, I haven’t used my facebook account for a while and so all this information that is gathered, were mostly from data from a few years ago. If I used facebook more often, my data would be better to analyze and more up-to-date.

EE Topic Exploration:

I am still unsure about what I will do for my extended essay. Perhaps I may go into the history topic and research about Adolf Hitler.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 7.55.35 PM

A Frivoulous Search:

Comparison of Japanese to Chinese.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 7.40.57 PM

Knowledge Issue Questions:

To what maximum extent of information would the Wolfram Alpha hold?

Would the Wolfram Alpha be more educated than humans; or like 90% of the world?

If people were to use Wolfram Alpha, would there be less jobs in this world; would people be less interested in becoming an expert in a certain field if Wolfram Alpha answers anything and everything? Or, would websites like google slowly fade away?

Question:  Is it cheating to use Wolfram Alpha in Math homework?

My Response:

I think that it would be a great thing to use and apply to our math skills. To me, the Wolfram Alpha would widen our mathematical experiences if used properly. If humans actually are eager to learn and are using this website to help to guide them, I think that there is no harm in using it. But, if humans are just using it to get by in life, than I feel that it will lessen the amount of educated people in this world as people will eventually become lazy; too lazy to do math.

Thoughts about “Is Siri really Apple’s future’s” Article:

I do have Siri on my phone, but I barely even use it. When I randomly choose to use Siri, I find it interesting on how it brings up certain data to answer my question. For example, if I asked “what is Pi?”, it would give me a whole list of numbers that makes up pi with a bunch of other information sorted out neatly. I sometimes wonder how accurate some of the data is.

The only thing with Siri is that humans are limited to questions to ask. Siri will only be able to answer the basic questions like word definitions, about the weather or simple math problems.


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