1.What are your thoughts about the sanctity of books and how did you arrive to your decision?

I feel that some books are selectively valued, while others are slowly fading away their value. So it all depends on what books. Books can tell experiences, stories and etc. Experiences can be interesting and hold a moral to it, along with stories. Stories can be used to keep children happy and calm. Children love listening to stories and there are many children books written, which should be valued. It keeps families together and gives a time for gathering. There are some books that contain important history or strange languages, but not much people study the subject, making the language to be more valuable, but yet less valuable to humans.

2. Do books really “hold learning?”

I think that books do “hold learning”.Education is valued and provides extra information to us. Many books hold different types of education for  the same things, so it gives different perspectives. It can help broden ourknowledge, so it does hold learning. The question is, how do we know whether or not the information is 100% correct? This remains a mystory!

3. How would you rate where you get your knowledge? media (various), books, teachers, family, friends, celebrities, etc.?

I get most of my knowledge in the following order:

(from where I’ve gained the most information to where I’ve gained the least)

School (teachers and books) — Internet — Family — Friends —Media, Celebrities

I first learn at school to receive the best education I can get. During school, I receive physical help and different ways of learning, like visual or auditory ways. Then if I need extra help, I move to the internet that holds millions of useful websites. Although some websites may not be reliable, judging from several websites, information may contain support. .org websites tend to be the best to use. But, if the internet does not help, then I go to family and friends. Family is always there for me, so I can always rely on them for help. They will try their best, but if that does not work, I go to my friends/ classmates. Media and Celebraties come last, because I barely watch the news (which is not good) and I do not really get addicted to learning about celebrity gossip.


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