1. Provide a reaction paragraph about this article, including addressing the line: “The creative mind fashions the world in which we live.”

In this world, we most likely do have more questions than answers. We will never have all the answers to everything. Some of us do not actually take notice to museums that contain history and unique answers, although, how do we know if the answers shown are 100% true. Perhaps it is somewhat true, but does contains fault. No one can be 100% true about discovering ancient past information. What we know may be disproved in the future. Is the world expanding; is the world round or is it flat; will the world end in 2012? Long ago, electronics did not exist, but now it does. The world changes constantly, giving and erasing answers. The quote, “the creative mind fashions the world in which we live,” demonstrates how everyone in the world creates and how life changes constantly. It is like a fad, where styles come in and styles go out. We change our minds everyday. Scientists do in fact come up with worked out- solutions that support theories and answers, but how do we actually know if what scientists come up with are actually true? Looking back from now, in the future, I am sure that my mind will change constantly on topics. While reading this article, I chose a quote: “Unfailingly, human beings pity their ancestors for being so ignorant and forget that their descendants will pity them for the same reason”. I really like this quote, because it goes vise-versa. How we judge people and then again we will be judged. Today we would mock people in the past for believing certain things were true like “the world is flat” and in the future, perhaps we will be mocked by future generations for other topics.

2. Although this is a PSA told from a biased stance, check out this video on climate change. On your blog, record your thoughts regarding this piece. To see some humorous but poignant animated videos also produced by Climate Reality Project, click here

A lot of propaganda still lingers on in this world. Propaganda was major in World War I with images, commercials and slogans provoking everyone to help support war, and propaganda still occurs today. Commercials are on the television, magazines… they all probably consist of some propaganda. This climate change video was interesting and connects with the article that I previously read. How easily is doubt created to convince people things are true in forms for advertisement. But how much of this propaganda is actually true? Who knows! The PSA is biased and the science that supports this ad may be false. Bias information is found everywhere. It is upsetting when the world continues to have such information. Although we contribute to make up the world for what it is today, the nice thing is that the world acts like an individual with its own mind and continues without the effect of human involvement. The weather is not affected and time is not affected…

3. On Youtube or the Internet

Advertisers sometimes appeal to the authority of “experts” and/or “science” to sell products. Find an example (think foods, drugs, other products) and post on your blog with a brief description.

A lot of TV advertisement commercials try to encourage people to purchase their product, even if the information about the product is false.


The Link above contains information on 14 false advertisement scandals.

For example, with the yogurt brand, Activia, this brand advertised that their yogurt contained more nutritional benefits than the other brands. But, unfortuantely it does not. The company behind activia was forced to limit its information to only factual health claims. It is their responsibility to control what is put in advertisements and they should know not to lie to get customers. But, to get more business, Activia advertised itself and pulled a few strings by lying to their customers. In the end though, they got caught and had to suffer the consequences of removing the false information.

4. On Twitter…Be sure to post to your blog post with a brief analysis (for example- check out the author’s creds)

How do we know whether or not this post is true? Should we believe this? Smoking has been known to be a horrible addiction that affects the health. Smoking produces lethal diseases like cancer. Negatives effects are commonly known like how it reduces the length and quality of life, so how true is this twitter post? Even if the user is “World Facts”, this may be false. Perhaps smoking can collide with a heart attack. If studies support that it does not, perhaps more testings should occur before this statement becomes true. It has been said that “Smoking accelerates the process of atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), which can lead to a heart attack.” (Heart Attack and Smoking)

“Heart Attack and Smoking.” Heart Attack and Smoking. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2012. <http://heart-

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