For this video, I had challenges in my first idea, which was to create a video of a sort with stop-motion and drawing. So, instead, I did a mix media of using some of my footage and pictures, along with some from online.

My input:

When I was in California I took a lot of pictures and footage in Disneyland so I added the fireworks + white flowers into my vide. I also added a traveling photo ( the photo that is taken in the air with the sky and island of Hawaii), the dog footage (pomeranian), the butterfly stop-motion on book, the pictures of colored crayons burned by a hot blow dryer flowing down over an origami piece and the stop motion of an airplane flying above a park that is called King Intermediate.

For this video, I did somewhat a making of the similar video from 100 great internet videos in 3 minutes:


I created a similar video to this one, because if I were to combine a bunch of clips, I don’t think a slow song would fit clips that does not exactly transition well like for my case. Like the song I chose and the song that is used in the youtube video which is linked above, it seems suitable for a video that has a lot of clips popping out to the viewer to watch. The video in the 100 greatest internet videos in 3 minutes, is similar to mine, as it has a lot of clips that is thrown at the viewer to watch.

The program I used to create my video is IMOVIE.

In order for me to get pictures from online to create a stop – motion clip, I had to save the pictures that make up the animation clip to the desktop; Some of the clips consisted of around 50 pictures to save that I needed to upload to IMOVIE. After, I uploaded each single picture and repeated a few, made each picture last 1 second, changed the pciture from “kens burn effect” to “fit” and added text .

Just to add more footage, I took a short clip of me appearing as if I am speaking the quote, then I added text – quote . I also tried to do a pokemon impression of Togepi, which was a little foolish of me to do so.

Perhaps for my “This I Believe” poster, my quote could be ” I belive that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”


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