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Martha Graham believes that everyone learns by practice and by doing so, eventually goals will shape to accomplishment.


The example she gives is that in order to learn to dance, once must begin by practicing dancing. Because she is a choreographer of dance, she understands that dancing may appear to be easy, but reasons that dance requires the time and committment.

In other terms, Graham is saying that to learn to do something, one must be dedicated and practice it.

 By practice, one must consistently put in the effort and action.

Graham states that “Many times, I hear the phrase, “the dance of life”.” She believes that dance is a symbol of the performance of living, as the instrument of both dance and living is the human body. I loved learning this similarity and found this pretty interesting, because it is true.

With practice, skill will develop and invite perfection for the desired soul.

Graham experienced the time of frustration towards her passion, dance, which backs up her belief. No matter how good a person is at dance, there is always the impossible that takes committment and positivity to become possible. For her to reach success in becoming a legendary dancer, it took ten years in order to just be a mature dancer. I found this interesting, because there are many talented dancers in the world that never danced for so long. Perhaps they are luckily gifted with some recognized,  remarkable talent. This could possibly be a challenge to Graham’s belief.

For people with a gifted talent, they did not take much time and practice as others would to be talented. But then again, their talent could still consist of more practice, due to the fact that it has not reached perfection. So, this belief could be debatable.


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