Watching the section on the Navy Seals, transitioning to the study of the brain during sex and to the thoughts of prison inmates in the film gave different peaks of knowledge. Then, learning about the man who faked “psychopath”, gives a comparison between a psychotic man verses a normal every-day life man. This enables scientists to be able to dig deeper to speak with this man and find out what was going on in his head when he faked this.


The Navy Seal section of the film seems traumatizing. To be in a situation while being underwater and being attacked sounds like one of the scariest moments that can occur. Our senses give us knowledge of their surroundings; these senses are used throughout our day and not even taken noticed upon. But this system helps the Navy Seals prepare for they will face in the future. They would have to be able to control their breathing skills and stay calm to take action and get air once again, without swimming back up. A lot of people would be stressed in this situation.


The amygdala in our brain controls our fear. It is a roughly almond-shaped as shown below, and plays an important role in emotional processing. People in a section of a film tried risk – taking activities, such as parachuting down a cliff. This is risk-taking, because the person needs to rely on a parachute to save his or her life. The tension is on and fear may start to take over. Perhaps, scientists are finding a way to control our amygdalas so fear does not control us.




no amygdala = no fear


With Tiger Woods, it is said that he is low in getting nervous, which could make him a better golf- player. This low nervous is demonstrated by him being all calm and barely blinking, having a lot of focus. It’s similar to people staring at computers, since their focus is targeted towards the computer; which is like Tiger Wood’s focus on getting the golf ball in the hole.


Twenty- four subjects participated in the study of brain during sex, which is not an immense experimental sample. Having a small testing amount may not be too reliable, so scientists should search for more people to participate in this experiment


Studies say that one out of a hundred people are psychotic. This sounds silly because there are more than hundreds of students at school, so the conclusion that is given is that there must be some students that will grow up to be psychotic in the future. On the island of Hawaii, how many psychopaths are there? Perhaps it is true that one out of a hundred people are psychotic, but it does not necessarily mean they are in the same place.


During the study of the brain, the question about memory capacity has been brought up. This is interesting, because “would being able to remember everything be better or would it hinder people in the end?”Perhaps scientists should figure out a way to have the human brain act like Google, holding millions and millions of information. Long ago differs from the present, as the present consists of a more variety of electronics. The creation of electronics is indeed a phenomenon. But, because electronics have been around for so long for present kids, we tend to not appreciate these creations as much as people would be astounished back when the word “electronics” was unknown.






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