This youtube video is about an anonymous women who has the ability to remember more than the usual human brain. This woman was unknown until this interview came about where she exposed her identity; she was known as AJ, but her real name is Jill Price. Her memory is so strong that she can remember important dates, such as when a person was shot, and she remembers all of her own experiences throughout the past. Price remembers full dates with the exact day, year and month the event happened. Price kept over 50, 000 past events in her journal and can recall exactly what she did on what day; where she “travels in her head” to go back to the past. But, her brain does contain restrictions as she has difficulties in remembering things that hold no interest towards her, like every human being. Her memory can only remember biological and historical events. Price became known to this special ability ever since she was fourteen and remembers both the good and bad times in life.  Scientists determined that she might be one that has hyperthymesia. They hope that Jill will help to unlock the secrets of Alzheimer with her incredible memory capacity.

People edit their memories to shape themselves, but Prices states that she never does that.

Today, Price’s occupation is being an administrator for a religious school and she is married to a man named James Robert Price, whom she met online. Unfortunately, he died on the 30th of March 2005, in which Jill Price tries to stop feeling the pain. Jill Price tries to continues to look forward in her life and will try to learn to laugh at her ability.


Would people be better knowing everything or only remembering a certain amount of things in their life?

Is training our memory to a higher capacity a skill that people can work on in order to succeed?

Does memories distinguish one person from another making people who they are?

How can one remember a bunch of memories, while others only remember so few?

For quizzes and tests, some students tend to memorize information for a limited time in their lives. Are humans able to go deep into the brain and remember this information within a length of time?

Would a stronger memory capacity give us an easier time in life, positively? Or would a stronger memory capacity effect us negatively?

Does a better memory give a person more connections?

Would people with a better memory capacity “think before they act” in a risky situation(as they learn from their past)?

Does brain chemistry take a part with memory?

Is recall genetic?



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